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Preparation Program Structure

Admission Criteria

The majority of students entering the PMU Preparation Program will be graduates of the secondary school Science Stream in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. However, students of other nationalities and from other countries also will be admitted if they have received equivalent secondary school preparation.

All students applying for admission must submit a satisfactory overall average on the General Secondary Education Certificate and satisfactory scores on standardized tests. The admissions process will ensure that every student admitted to the program possesses the EFL ability to perform at least at Level 1.

Student Placement

Students’ initial instructional levels will be determined by a placement test administered before the beginning of the semester.
PMU Placement Scale
0-14 Pre-Beginner
15-30 Beginner
31-45 Intermediate
46-60 Advanced
61-80 Core

Exit Criteria

At the end of the Preparation Program, students must successfully pass the PMU-administered final exams with a grade of 70% in each of the program’s three components of EFL, math, and study skills and learning strategies. Students also must achieve a satisfactory score on the Preparation Advanced Exit Exam (PAEE).

Sequence of Courses

The Preparation Program classes build upon one another in a sequence. Students must internalize the subject matter, skills, strategies, and analytical attitudes of lower level classes before they can successfully participate in and benefit from higher level classes.

The “ideal sequence” noted below in EFL, math, and study skills and learning strategies will allow a well-prepared, highly motivated, and intellectually active student the opportunity to complete the Preparation Program in three semesters.. Upon completing the program, the student will be appropriately prepared for success in the Core Curriculum and major classes that will follow.
SubjectFirst SemesterSecond SemesterThird Semester
EFL     PRPC/PRPW0061 Advanced
    PRPC/PRPW0041 Intermediate  
  PRPC/PRPW0021 Beginning    
DynEd PRPE 0021
Module 1,2,3
PRPI 0041
Module 3,4,5
PRPA 0061
Module 5, 6,7,8
TOEFL Preparation I
TOEFL Preparation II
Study Skills and Learning Strategies   PRPL0011
Theories and Applications of Learning I
Theories and Applications of Learning II
Math   PRPM0011
Introductory Algebra
Intermediate Algebra