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Clubs & Organizations Female

Female Clubs / Fall 2014

  Name of Club President Advisor Description Logo
1 Active Drama Dana fahad almazrou Ms. Wai-Si The happy face is the comedy and funny parts of plays and events. However, The unhappy face is the saddening parts and full of feelings. In addition the flying notes is the music that’s stands with any scenes such as horror, action, sadness, etc.
2 Media Club Noora AlHumaidan
Ms Nusheen Hafeez:
Provide coverage of all events, news and updates on campus. Have various members’ providing students with the opportunity to be competitive, invest their time in something useful and be creative and innovative.
3 Safety club Lulua F. Alaboudi
Dr. Barbara L’HUilier This club is to develop PMU student in the field of safety training and educating on how to behave in certain situations. Also enhance self-confidence by taking dedication to realize that you are a human being who is worthy of respect.
4 Rays of Creativity Al-Shyma Mohammad Al-Rifaiy Rana Abu Khamis Promote expressions through all kinds of art forms. They offer video making tutorials, performance arts, Photoshop tutorials… etc. 
5 Qewam Sereen Telmesani Dr. Huda Al Mulhem The advisor basically came up with the club in order to go hand-in-hand with the lessons she gives. She uses a more practical, interactive approach to reach a larger audience than she would if she were just using a classroom setting. The club focuses on promoting important aspects of Islam that play an integral part of everyday life
6 ACM: Association for Computing Machinery Haifa Hamad Abaoud Eman Jaradat
They offer workshops, activities and projects that give opportunities to enhance technical, educational, professional and scientific skills/environment for female students majoring in computer related disciplines.
Two Clubs fall under the ACM:
7 Wellness Kingdom Rayanah Abdullah Alqahtani Kelly Sinkey Provides awareness of health and fitness on campus for mind, body and spirit.
8 Design Arise Club Ohood Bassura
Arch. Sara AlMutlaq
A club led by interior design students, that aims to help and support students in all design variations and Art & spread the design knowledge.
9 Old is gold Sara Alotaibi
Shaima Alshareef
Old is Gold holds several events that helps to educate PMU student and entertain them by Saudi Arabia’s cultures and the old past.
10 The Development Club Nora AlDawood
Haifa Altaifi 

An organization that aims to build assistive, responsible and effective members toward their community through organizing several events. In addition to developing the club own members characters.    

11 Volunteer club Hiba Almubayedh
Haifa Altaifi 
Volunteer girls gaining all kind of life experiences while helping and giving back to their community.