EE Industrial based Senior design Project short video
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Management System (SPMS) for low-voltage LV industrial plant/building. The aim of the PMS is to monitor, to optimize, and to protect the quality of electric system using different schemes, to maximize the available power, to protect personnel and to maximize the reliability of the electric system by adding an extra quality-based decision making mainly based on harmonics analysis. The SPMS offers additional protection since the operation of breakers is performed away from the electric switchgear.

احد مشاريع طلاب كلية الهندسة بجامعة الامير محمد بن فهد والتي تعتمد فكرتها على ترشيد استهلاك الطاقة وحماية الأجهزة في الشركات الصناعية والكهربائية