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Policy & Procedure
Policy Title :
Faculty & Staff Payments – Benefits & Other Allowances Policy
Policy Number :
Responsible Party :
Financial Affairs
Effective Date :
Revised Date :


This policy provides guidelines for the payment of faculty and staff approved benefits & other allowances.

Statement :
  • The maximum amount of benefits and other allowances that can be added to the monthly payroll is limited up to SR 10,000.00 per employee. Benefits and other allowances more than the maximum amount stated will be processed separately and paid through checks or transfer to faculty/staff account.
  • The faculty and staff approved benefits & other allowances include the following:
    1. Housing allowance advance for 6 months - not applicable for the 1st housing request when staff or faculty joined PMU. Additions to the payroll would only start on the 2nd request for housing allowance.
    2. 50% ticket encashment.
    3. Overtime/Overload payments.
    4. Reimbursements - Payment for new faculty visa processing or relocation allowance will be processed separately and be paid through checks or transfer to their account (See Relocation Expenses Policy).
    5. Other allowances.
Procedure :
  • Request for payment with approval from the Director of Financial Affairs and PMU Rector will be included on the monthly payroll if it is received by the Payroll Section within the cut off period:
    Employee Cut-off (per month)
    Faculty 15th
    Staff 20th
  • All requests for payment received after the cut-off date will be added to the following month’s payroll.