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Policy & Procedure
Policy Title :
New Student Orientation Policy
Policy Number :
III. 2
Responsible Party :
Campus Life
Effective Date :
Revised Date :


This policy defines the components and standards of student’s orientation at PMU. This includes new students, graduates and undergraduates, as well as targeted orientation programs tailored throughout the semesters to regulate topics of particular interest related to campus opportunities, code of conduct and others.

Statement :

Prior to the start of classes, an academic orientation is scheduled for all new students to acquaint them with the general academic university regulations, policies and services. Each college in the university also conducts an orientation to acquaint students with its specific regulations and the registration process at PMU. During orientation, the Department of Campus Life arranges an agenda in coordination with the various academic and support departments to provide an introduction to student’s rights and responsibilities, as well as university life through campus tours and visits, meetings, lectures, demonstrations and other activities.

Attendance at these programs is mandatory for all new students. Students’ attendance and participation is noted in their files. All students are requested to sign the student handbook manual as a binding contract between PMU and the students, and the signature page is kept in the individual files in the Department of Campus Life. In case of absence, additional sessions will have to be scheduled ensuring that each and every new student has signed the terms sheet of the contract with PMU.

  1. Students receive a package that includes:

    1. The Student Handbook (the compulsory signature page is completed and retrieved to be kept in the student file).
    2. The Student ID Card, with terms and conditions.
    3. The Academic Calendar.
    4. The Student Schedule (students are oriented to reading their schedule (days, times, instructors), locating the classrooms prior to the beginning of classes; this can be demonstrated during the tours.
    5. Guidelines and important tips document that clarifies math placement, add and drop, refunds, deadlines and requirements for services such as transportation, lockers, daycare, etc).
    6. Book Coupons with clarification on terms and conditions.
    7. IT guide including email account, Banner and blackboard account as well as other programs such as DynEd and Internet configuration (all clarified in the IT department section of the orientation).  IT service form generated by the Registrar and attached to the student schedule.
    8. Security Office documents (such as application to receive security sticker for personal vehicles).
    9. PMU Bus Schedule, deadline, terms and conditions.
    10. Welcome gifts and giveaways, pens and pads in a PMU orientation bag.
  2. Departmental Participation in the Orientation Agenda:

    1. Academic Departments: Prep and Core (Expectations, curriculum, syllabi, attendance, advisor, academic support, contact info)
    2. Registrar (Guides, calendar, tips, important registration information, reading your schedule, changing your section, attendance policy)
    3. Campus Life (Rights and Responsibilities, Code of Conduct, Campus opportunities and campus tour).
    4. Healthcare and Counseling (Wellness, services, academic and personal support, programs, excuse letter terms and conditions, first semester survival tips).
    5. LRC (Library and services).
    6. IT (services and important applications).
    7. Security (ID and security car sticker check)
    8. Student Council (student voice, student to student tips, support, Q&A, tour)