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Policy & Procedure
Policy Title :
Mobile Phone Communication Expenses-POSTPAID LINES Policy
Policy Number :
Responsible Party :
Financial Affairs
Effective Date :
Revised Date :


To ensure that the Bravo Mobile and Mobily postpaid line charges are properly monitored and the consumption or usage in excess of the limit (amount that will be borne by the University) will be charged and deducted to each mobile line user(s).

Statement :


  • The University supplies the Bravo mobile phone to make sure that there are no delays in each department operations especially in relaying information.
  • Bravo mobile phone are issued only to all staff holding a position in the University identified as moving or mobile such as security guards, IT technical supports, transportation coordinators, auxiliary services etc.
  • Bravo Mobile phone shall be issued only to the qualified users after the final approval of the PMU Rector. Recommendation is also required by the Director of the Department of the concerned staff and approval of the Director of Financial Affairs.
  • Each Bravo mobile phone maximum billing per month is One Hundred Fifty Five Riyals (SR 155.00) and any excess beyond the maximum level shall be charged and deducted from each user’s salary.
  • The Budget & Accounting Department will review the monthly billing statement and the users will be notified if they exceed allowed limit.


  • The mobily postpaid lines shall be issued only to the staff holding the position of International Recruitment and not entitled for a monthly fixed communication allowance.
  • The mobily lines shall be used only for the international calls to interview applicants and the University will reimburse bills up to five hundred Riyals (SR 500.00) every month.
  • The Budget & Accounting Department will review the monthly billing statement and the users will be charged and deducted if they exceed the limit of five hundred Riyals (SR500.00) every month.
  • The users will be charged for all the local/personal calls that will appear on the billing statement even if the consumption does not exceed the allowed limit.
  • Reimbursement of mobile cards expenses for international recruitment is no longer allowed upon receipt of the mobily postpaid lines.