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Policy & Procedure
Policy Title :
Probationary Period (Staff Employees Only) Policy
Policy Number :
I. A-11
Responsible Party :
Human Resources
Effective Date :
Revised Date :


To declare PMU guidelines with regards to PMU Staff Probationary Period and ensure uniform interpretation and application of this policy.

Statement :

Normally, each new staff employee is required to serve a 90-day probationary period of employment that begins with his/her first day of employment. During this time, a probationary performance evaluation is prepared by the appropriate Director on the Probationary Performance Review Form. If the employee’s performance is unsatisfactory, he/ she may be terminated and repatriated back to his/her point of hire in accordance with the Saudi Labor Law.  The Director is to consult with the Human Resources Department should such an action is being considered.  In all cases, the Probationary Performance Review Form must be sent to the Human Resources Department for personnel records. It should be noted that faculty appointments will not have a probationary period.

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