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Policy & Procedure
Policy Title :
Computer and Internet Use Policy
Policy Number :
VII. A-5
Responsible Party :
Learning Resource Center
Effective Date :
Revised Date :


To provide guidelines for the appropriate use of the PMU Library’s electronic equipment and resources.

Statement :

The PMU Library provides computer and internet access in support of research, training and education. While the Library promotes academic freedom and the freedom of expression and creativity, users are expected to maintain the highest level of ethical behavior and avoid activities which are inconsistent with the mission and policies of the University.

 The following uses of Library-provided computers and Internet access are not permitted:

  • Violating laws regarding copyright, privacy, libel, software licensing agreements.
  • Knowingly endangering the security of any PMU computer or network.
  • Gaining unauthorized access to remote computers, prohibited resources, or another individual’s password, information or files.
  • Modifying or reconfiguring the software, hardware or peripherals of any PMU computer or network without proper authorization.