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Policy & Procedure
Policy Title :
Library Publication Policy
Policy Number :
VII. A-11
Responsible Party :
Learning Resource Center
Effective Date :
Revised Date :


To describe Library’s publishing program and summarize the aims of specific types of publications.

Statement :

Library publications will be designed to inform the PMU community on information resources as well as news and developments emanating from the Library.

Types of Publication

User Guide:                

Provides an introduction to the access and use of an electronic or printed resource.

Subject Guide:          

Presents the Library’s resources and materials in specific or interdisciplinary subject areas.


Provides a basic introduction to the Library’s resources, facilities, services, and hours of operation.


Promotes the awareness of the Library’s resources, services, programs and accomplishments.


Patrons have access to printed information about LRC-Library services. Contents of the handbook will include sections describing each service or resource offered by the LRC-Library. These sections will provide LRC-Library patrons information about services and will include forms available online to submit requests for services such as Inter-Library Loan, Virtual Reference, or Scheduling training within the Information Literacy co-curriculum. The LRC-Library handbook will have the following design features and contents: Designs that complies with PMU graphic standards and is compatible with other PMU publications, LRC-Library vision and mission statements, Learning Enrichment Services, Reference Assistance, Information Literacy, Access Services, Collections and Resources, Facilities, Staff and Administration, Policies and Procedures.

The publications policy will be reviewed at least once every three (3) years or earlier if deemed necessary.