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Policy & Procedure
Policy Title :
Social Media Policy
Policy Number :
IX. 1
Responsible Party :
Public Relation And Media
Effective Date :
Revised Date :


While effective use of social media can bring many benefits to the University, yet there are certain risks that can be brought about by social media channels. These may include, for example, the risk of reputational damage arising from misuse by employees, students or other third parties and threats to the security of confidential information. This policy aims to provide all PMU Community members with information and guidelines concerning the use of social media applications whilst maintaining a safe professional environment and protecting themselves as well as the University.

Statement :

1-    Definition of Social Media:

A social media is a type of interactive online media that allows parties to communicate instantly with each other or share data in a public form. This includes, for example, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Snapchat and Instagram.

Social media is a constantly changing area.

2-    Types of Social Media Accounts:

For the purpose of this policy there are three types of Social Media Accounts. These are:

·       Professional Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University Account:

This is used by representatives of the University to communicate messages from a departmental, College or corporate perspective and managed by a Professional Account Administrator.

·        Professional Personal Account:

This is an account used by an individual who is identifiable as an employee of PMU through the contents of his posts or his profile information.

·        Private Personal Account:

This is an account used by an individual primarily for non-work activity.

3-    Guidelines:

3.1 Professional Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd (PMU) Accounts:

·        Colleges, Departments, or Units of the University that would like to create or maintain a Social Media Account must apply for permission from the University Rector. The purpose of the account and how it is planned to use and maintain it must be clearly stated.

After receiving approval from the Rector’s Office, the new account may be created subject to the terms of this policy.

The University reserves the right to revoke the approval at any time.

·        Colleges, Departments or Units will be required to have a plan for keeping their social media site up-to-date.

·        Once a College, Department or Unit social media account has been approved by the University, it will be reviewed periodically by the University to ensure that it is accurately and acceptably representing Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University.

·        Employees identified as administrators of Professional PMU Accounts are responsible for managing and monitoring content and ensuring that postings are consistent with other PMU published materials on the same topic, and that available graphics are utilized to reinforce the University brand. 

·        PMU employees who have authority to update Professional PMU Accounts should not post personal information or personal updates to these accounts.

3.2 Professional Personal Accounts:

Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University (PMU) employees using social media in a professional capacity should make sure that their communications do not do any of the following:

·        Bring the University into disrepute. For example, by making defamatory comments about individuals or other organizations or posting images that are inappropriate.

·        Breach confidentiality. For example, revealing confidential information owned by the University relating to its activities.

·        Breach the terms of service of the social network. Each social network has different terms of use and community guidelines which must be followed.

3.3 Private Personal Use of Social Media:

·        All  PMU employees making personal use of social media must not:

-     Breach confidentiality , for example, by revealing confidential property or information owned by the University, give away confidential information about colleagues, discuss the University’s internal affairs in public.

-     Make offensive or derogatory comments about others.

-     Bring the University into disrepute, for example, by making defamatory comments about individuals or other organizations.

-     Breach copyright, for example, by using someone’s images or written content without permission.

·        If an employee would like to add information to his site then he should add a disclaimer stating that all content posted does not necessarily reflect the views/opinions of the University.

4. Disciplinary Action over Social Media Use:

All PMU Employees are required to adhere to the guidelines of this      Policy. Employees should be aware that use of social media in a way that may be deemed as deliberate breach of these guidelines may lead to disciplinary action under the University’s Disciplinary Procedures.

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