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Policy & Procedure
Policy Title :
Policy Number :
X. 1
Responsible Party :
Continuing Education
Effective Date :
Revised Date :


Statement of details of diploma programs registration and tuition fees.

Statement :

1)      The tuition fee for Diploma programs will be as follows:

a)      Preparatory Year Levels (DPRC/DPRW/DPRM): SR 15,000 per semester including textbook.

b)     For all other diploma courses SR 15,000 per semester including textbook.

2)      Fees will also apply for transportation as per PMU standard.

3)      After Add/Drop period is over, the student will be accountable for the full amount of tuition and fees. Withdrawing from a course or complete withdrawal after the add/drop period will not entitle the student to any refund from the tuition.

4)      In the case where one or more courses are cancelled by PMU Management, the students registered in these courses are entitled to withdraw from diploma program with full refund including the first installment.

5)      In case of Extreme Health Circumstances and with proper reports and documentation, the Dean of Community Service and Business Development can allow a student to withdraw from diploma program prior to or during the add/drop period with full refund upon the approval of the PMU Rector.

6)      This policy is effective starting Fall 2016/2017 until further notice.


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