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Policy & Procedure
Policy Title :
Allowances for Temporary Assignments Policy
Policy Number :
I. C-12
Responsible Party :
Human Resources
Effective Date :
Revised Date :


To clarify the payment of allowances for employees undertaking temporary assignments.

Statement :

The University Management may pay allowances to some of its employees that are assigned the responsibility of undertaking certain duties. The allowances may include:

Ø  Allowance to undertake the duties of a Dean (Acting Dean).

Ø  Allowance to undertake the duties of a Chair or Associate Chair (Acting Chair or Acting Associate Chair).

Ø  An allowance paid to an employee to undertake certain administrative duties or an administrative leadership position such as Directors.

The following are regulations with regard to the payment of allowances:

1.     These allowances are not to be considered as part of the total salary package of the employee. They are paid only for the duration of the assignment.

2.     Allowances paid for academic leadership assignments e.g. Deans, Chairs and Associate Chairs are paid only during the academic semester.

3.     Payments of allowances are to be made using payrolls separate from regular monthly salary payrolls.

4.     Payments of allowances are to be stopped once the assignment of duties to the employee is ended.

Allowances are not to be considered in the calculations of the end of service benefits of the employee.