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Policy & Procedure
Policy Title :
The Recruitment Process
Policy Number :
I. A-2
Responsible Party :
Human Resources
Effective Date :
Revised Date :


To declare PMU guidelines regarding The Recruitment Policy and ensure uniform interpretation and application of this policy.

Statement :

Internal Advertising/ Posting for Internal Recruitment

The Human Resources Department will arrange for vacant positions to be advertised internally. Such advertisements will be open only to current full-time employees at PMU. If the Director or Dean believes that there are viable applicants within the University, they may recommend to the Human Resources Department that the vacancy be posted internally only.  If the Director or Dean is not able to find a suitable internal candidate then the H.R. department may extend the advertising externally through PMU employment website, international reputable recruiting agencies, reputable recruiting educational websites…etc.


External Advertising/ Posting for Open Recruitment

The Human Resources Department will arrange for vacant positions to be advertised externally for approved positions. Advertising will vary and be dependent on the position being recruited. Approval by the Rector is required for advertising.  All applicants (both internal and external candidates) may be considered for vacancies posted through open recruitment.   The positions will be posted until the position is filled, deferred or cancelled.


Applicant Process

Applicants may be considered for a position by submitting an application for employment through the PMU Employment web site, recruiting agencies…etc.  The web site includes instructions on what is required of the applicant in submitting PMU application.


Existing PMU Employees

Normallya full-time employee of PMU is only eligible to apply for a posted job vacancy provided he or she has been employed by the University for a Minimum of six continuous months.


Human Resources will screen and forward all applications for the position to the hiring department for consideration.


Wherever possible, PMU will seek to appoint staff from within and the first priority will be given to Saudi Nationals in accordance with Saudization set by the Saudi Labor Law. The selection priority is as follows:


o   Saudi National employee from inside PMU

o   Saudi National candidate from outside PMU

o   Expatriate employee from inside PMU

o   Expatriate candidate from outside PMU


In all cases, the candidates must be the best qualified for the position.  Preference as to the selection priority above will only be given where the candidates are judged to be relatively equal in qualifications, experience and demonstrated ability.