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Policy & Procedure
Policy Title :
Faculty Teaching Overload Policy
Policy Number :
I. B-13
Responsible Party :
Human Resources
Effective Date :
Revised Date :


To regulate overload assignments for Faculty (Professors, Associate/Assistant Professors, Lecturers and Instructors).

Statement :

In deciding Faculty teaching overload assignments and compensation, the following shall apply:

1.    Morning class hours are from 8am to 4pm. Evening class hour are after 4:00 pm. Faculty teaching morning and evening classes in the same day are compensated so that 3 credit hours in the evening are equivalent to 4 credit hours in the daytime.

2.    Every class contact hour is counted as a credit hour and every 2 lab/studio contact hours is counted as a credit hour. Other variations are prorated accordingly.

3.    The maximum overload is as per the following table:


Associate Professor

Assistant Professor


EFL Instructor

Lab Instructor

6 hrs

6 hrs

4 hrs

4 hrs

2 hrs

2 hrs


Procedure :

The attached Faculty Overload Request Form is to be used in requesting and approving overloads. The following are steps to be followed:

1.    The College Dean/Prep. Program Director submits the completed faculty overload request form to the Registrar’s Office.

2.    The Registrar verify the request and submit it to the Teaching Load and Overload Review Committee chaired by the Rector.

3.    The Committee meets with the concerned dean and discuss the requested overload.

4.    The Committee takes the decision regarding approval/disapproval of the overload request.


1.    Overload compensation will be paid according to the following table:

Faculty Overload Policy



PREP level

PREP English, Study Skills and Prep. Math,

SR 118/Contact hour

University Level Courses


SR 3750/Credit hour

Assistant Professor

SR 4375/Credit hour

Associate Professor

SR 4800/Credit hour

Full Professor

SR 5280/Credit hour


Instructor Name

Academic Rank

Assigned Course with Section #

Number of Students per Section

Actual Teaching Load