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Policy & Procedure
Policy Title :
Graduate Admission Policy
Policy Number :
Responsible Party :
Academic Affairs
Effective Date :
Revised Date :


The Admission policy outlines the principles andprocedures applying to students' enrollment into the post graduate degree Programs at PMU.

The aims of the Admission Policy is to facilitate attracting and retaining a wide number of competent students from diverse backgrounds, and ensure that all applicants are treated fairly, supported and clearly guided through the process.

Statement :
  1. Admission Procedures 


    1. EMBA/Masters Application (emailed to Admissions office or walk-in applicant)
    2. Student ID no. created by the Admission Office
    3. Applicant invited to submit the supporting documents & Pay the application fee at student finance office in Student Affairs (660.00 SR), using student ID.
    4. File complete and Application checklist created, signed and dated.


    1. Applicant invited for interview + EPT. Experience and Academic qualifications verified from the student. (Admission office to determine whether the student would sit the PMU EPT or exempted due to acceptable IELTS/TOEFL or previous Bachelors degree in English)
    2. Student notified of Admissions Decision
    3. The Applicant is advised on the outcome of application within 5-7 working days by sending an apology, a conditional or unconditional offer letter.
    4. If accepted, advised to come and pay the fees (semester).


    1. After fee payment student advised to register with the  Registrar’s    Office
    2. 1.10. Student advised to go to Student Services for student ID.


    Student are advised on the Orientation Date with mandatory attendance
    1. Masters classes begin.
  2. Admission Requirements

    The following should be submitted to PMU Admissions Office before the application is considered:
    1. copy of baccalaureate degree – must obtained through a traditional system (distance learning, part time, online, correspondence, blinded learning degrees etc. will not be accepted)
    2. copy of official transcript
    3. copy of Saudi ID/IQAMA
    4. copy of passport
    5. 2 passport size photos
    6. 660.00 SR admission fee
    7. personal resume in English
    8. a statement of motivation
    9. 6.5 score of IELTS, 550 TOEFL – submission within the last two years or 60 EPT (PMU English Placement Test) – PMU graduates are exempted
    10. 2 letters of referral/recommendation
    11. proof of employment, stating the applicants job responsibilities (EMBA candidate only)
  3. Transfer Students

    Not applicable currently for graduate studies.
  4. The English placement Test – EPT

    The EPT consists of the following:
    1. Listening Comprehension
    2. Structure and Word Form.
    3. Reading Comprehension
    4. Writing.
  5. The Admission interview

    The Admission Interview assesses the following:
    1. English proficiency
    2. Motivation for MBA/MEHD
    3. Commitment
    4. Communication and presentation skills
    5. Analytical skills
    6. Knowledge
    7. Current knowledge in management and business education      and human development.
    8.  Personal skills
    9.  Maturity level
  6. Special Program Requirements

    1. All MEHD applicants must pass the Pre-master program with a minimum grade of C.
    2. All EMBA applicants must have five years of professional     experience out of which two shall be in a managerial level.
  7. Placing Student in Post Degree Program

    Admission to a post graduate degree program will be determined by the admissions committee. The admissions committee will consider a number of factors including the applicant GPA in the undergraduate degree, the interview, the statement of motivation, English proficiency, and the reference/recommendation letters provided. These measures will be combined to determine ultimate placement in the post graduate degree program.
  8. Notification of Acceptance/Rejection

    The final decision on admission whether acceptance or rejection, will be communicated to the applicant via Banner AND in writing and a copy placed in the applicant’s file.
  9. Re-application by unsuccessful candidate

    Unsuccessful applicants wishing to be considered for future terms must submit a new application for the intended future term. Other documentation (secondary school certificate and standardized test scores) already submitted may still be used if they have been retained by PMU (if the application date has not exceeded one academic year). In all cases a search by student national ID number will be performed to avoid duplication of names on Banner system.
    Documents will be retained for one year. If no further contact with PMU is made by the individual during this time, the application materials may be disposed, and any originals will be returned to the applicant.
  10. Health Policy upon Admission

    PMU requires students to provide a thorough health history and show proof of immunization and other health related conditions at the time of initial enrollment in accordance with governmental regulations concerning students in post-secondary institutions (see form attached). This may include evidence of an individual health insurance policy.
    The Clinic Staff verify new students health records through the may affect admission of students, the office advises the Dean of Students who will issue a final decision for Health Form to advise on possible problems affecting student admission or performance at PMU. A report with findings of the verification process is sent to the Admissions Office, and where situations individuals detected with serious health issues.
  11. Student Identification Card

    Students will be issued a university Identification Card (ID) which should be carried at all times while on campus. The Admissions Office forwards admissions lists periodically to the ID Office at PMU. Photos of accepted students will also be provided to prepare the ID cards for the students. This process should be performed in a timely manner as ID activation may take up to 5 working days.
  12. Newly Admitted Student Schedules

    The Admissions Office guides newly admitted students to the Office of the Registrar to receive their schedules upon student commitment and payment of fees. While Preparatory students are registered according to their level, undergraduate students receive their study plan and register core courses guided by the registration officer
  13. Newly Admitted Students Activation of IT Services

    The Admissions Office sends admission lists periodically during the admission season to the IT department for the activation of emails, banner and blackboard accounts.
  14. New Student Orientation

    Prior to registration, an academic orientation is scheduled for all new students to acquire them with the general academic university regulation, policies and services. The Admissions Office arranges orientation dates and attendance with the Department of Campus Life who organizes a full orientation program prior to the start of classes.
  15. Office Hours

    Office Hours of the Graduate Admissions Office are from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Sunday through Thursday.
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