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Policy & Procedure
Policy Title :
Changes in Student Status Policy
Policy Number :
Responsible Party :
Academic Affairs
Effective Date :
Revised Date :


This policy ensures that student status at PMU is constantly

Updated and that all changes conform to deadlines stated in the Academic Calendar to avoid complication in the registration process and in financial records of the students.

Statement :
  1. Changes of College or Major

    Students seeking to change their major within their college/school or to change their college/school must complete the Change of Major form available from the Office of the Registrar and on Banner Self Services. Requests for a change of major or change of college should be submitted to the Office of the Registrar at least two weeks before the registration time of the affected semester. The date will be announced on the academic calendar every semester.
    Signatures should also be obtained from the Financial Aid Office when students have scholarship. This is necessary to ensure the new major will be covered by the scholarship and that the terms of the respective scholarship program allow the change required. Finance stamp should be acquired to ensure there are no financial holds on the student account.
    To be eligible for a change of major, a student must meet the requirements for admission to the new major, and the request must be approved by the dean of the new major. Therefore, after the required signatures, the form is sent to the office of the dean along with the student academic record.
    If the request is approved, the Registrar's Office updates the student record on Banner and notifies the student and all the concerned departments at PMU. Courses that are not part of the new major's study plan are excluded from the student GPA calculations but not deleted from the student academic record. If rejected the office notifies the student by email and keeps the original copy of the form in the student’s file.
  2. Adding and Dropping Courses

    Students are allowed to add courses during the first week of fall and spring classes and are allowed to drop courses during the first two weeks of fall and spring classes. Courses dropped during this period are not recorded in the student’s transcripts.
    Students interested in dropping or adding courses should first consult with their respective advisors.
    Students shall add and drop courses on Banner online Services, but if they wish to discuss issues with the registration office, they have to fill and sign an Add and Drop form available on Banner or in the Office of the Registrar. Add and Drop follow strict deadlines announced in the Academic Calendar.
  3. Withdrawal from Courses

    Students are permitted to withdraw from courses after submitting the appropriate Course Withdrawal Form available at the Office of the Registrar and on Banner Self-Services. Students are expected to maintain a minimum course load of 12 credits, but under special circumstances the dean of the college may allow students to drop below 12 credits.
    Withdrawal from courses should occur no later than the end of the tenth (10th) week of classes. A student who withdraws from a course before this date will receive a grade of W for the course on the transcript. This grade will not impact the student’s GPA.
    A student who withdraws from a course from the eleventh (11th) week up to the last day of classes will receive a grade of either WP or WF for the course. A grade of WP will not impact the student’s GPA. A grade of WF will be recorded on the student’s transcript as 0.00 grade points for the course, and this will be used in calculating the student’s GPA. The determination as to whether a student receives WP or WF will be upon the recommendation of the course instructor.
    Students withdrawing from courses and dropping below 12 credit hours have to get approval from the Office of Financial Aid to determine whether the scholarship will be maintained or not, according to the terms of the respective scholarship program.
  4. Leave of Absence

    A student in good academic standing is allowed no more than two consecutive semesters of leave. Students apply for Leave of Absence and get the required approvals as per the Request for Leave of Absence. A student who leaves the university for more than two consecutive semesters must submit a new application for admission to the Office of Admissions.
  5. Complete Withdrawal from the University

    Complete Withdrawal Form is available at the Office of the Registrar and on Banner Self Services. It is a form of clearance from the university and should go through the approval process mentioned on the form.
    The reasons for withdrawal are preferably required to be mentioned on the withdrawal form as the information will aid the university in reviewing the dropout rates and determining withdrawal factors.
    In the event a student formally withdraws from the university, the following refund schedule will be applied:
    • The first installment fee (non-refundable)* is ten thousand (10,000.00) Saudi Riyals. (First payment should be made within two weeks of receiving the acceptance letter). 
    • A refund 75% of the first installment will be processed in case of a complete withdrawal 2 weeks before the first week of study.
    • A refund 50% of the first installment will be processed in case of a complete withdrawal before the first week of study.
    • A refund 25% of the first installment will be processed in case of a complete withdrawal within the first week of study (Add/Drop week).
    • After the end of the add and drop period, student is required  to pay full semester tuition

    *terms apply.
    Students who withdraw completely from PMU are required to reapply through the Admissions Office to be readmitted at PMU. Readmission will be reconsidered by the Admissions Committee that will evaluate the application, student academic and conduct record as well as attrition factors.  Upon readmission, the PMU Identification number will be activated, and the student will not be re-enrolled under a new ID number.

IS: Inactive NS: No Show
AS: Active VS: Visiting Student
CA: Admission Cancelled AD: Academic Dismissal
DA: Delay Admittance DX: Dismissed with Exception
Dismissed for poor academic performance, allowed to register non credit earning courses or failed courses.
ER: Expected Return EX: Expected to Graduate
CW: Complete Withdrawal GR: Graduate B.Sc.
LA: Leave of Absence GM: Graduate Masters
AE: Final Expulsion DC: Deceased