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Electronic Payment Service

SADAD Bill payment helps you to have an efficient way to make bill payments without having to wait in a long queue or coming to campus.

Note: Now student can pay all their payments through SADAD. This facility is provided by Riyadh Bank. Alternatively, fees can be paid at the campuses at Student Finance Offices.  However, students are encouraged to pay the fees by means of SADAD transfers. You are advised to keep the payment reference number after every successful transaction to be produced to the Finance department (If required)

1. How do I pay through my local Bank account?

  1. Access your bank through ATM or online banking.
  2. Select SADAD Payments or Add Bills.
  3. Choose Service Type by Service Name dropdown (Riyad Bank Payments).
  4. Enter Customer no as your SADAD Payment/Service No. 
  5. Pay the Amount due and complete the transaction.
  6. After the successful completion of your SADAD payment transaction your associated holds will be released automatically.

2. What is My SADAD Payment/Service No and Where Can I find?
SADAD Payment/Service no is the unique subscription number for payments. Students can find their SADAD Payment/Service number for paying all their tuition and miscellaneous fees by login into their self-service banner.

  1. Log in Banner Self Service:
  2. Click Student Tab:
  3. Select Student Record Account Summary :

 3. When and where can I view my Account Statement and Payment History?

  1. On the Account Summary Page at the top right corner of your Banner Self-Service, you can find your SADAD ref. Number as shown below.
  2. Students can view there payment history for Banner Self-Service once PMU receive confirmation from Riyad Bank about SADAD Payment.

4. How can I pay my first installment if the SADAD payment amount is displaying 0 in my SADAD service account?
Yes, if your payment in SADAD shows 0 you can still pay first installment or any payment in advance by changing amount from 0 to desired amount.

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