External Research Advisory Committee
This committee will be made up of representatives of the regional and local community to include the following:
  1. Business and the private sector community (four to six representatives), including sectors likely to utilize the services of PMU technology services. These are expected to include interior design, information technology, light industry, heavy industry, petroleum, and manufacturing.
  2. Private, non-profit economic development associations such as the local chamber of commerce, regional development agencies, and other related associations.
  3. Economic development agencies associated with local and regional government.
  4. Small business associations.
  5. KFUPM research divisions.
  6. Banking and financial interests.

The External Research Advisory Committee will report to and provide advice to the Head of Center for Research Development. The Supervisors of Scientific, Applied and General Research will be ex-officio members of the committee. This committee will be expected to meet a minimum of twice per calendar year; and its duties will be to:
  1. Work with the Head and Supervisors of Scientific and Applied Research, to review and update the Strategic Research Plan developed with the Internal Research Advisory Committee, with particular focus on its relevance to local and regional economic development strategies.
  2. Provide advice and consultation in developing appropriate internships and capstone projects with local and regional businesses that provide meaningful real life experiences for PMU students.
  3. Help identify opportunities for partnerships to support the research and academic interests of the PMU.
  4. Help market and promote the PMU’s technology outreach, service and research activities with local, regional, and national business interests.
  5. Work with the PMU to promote the transfer of any technology or IP created by the university for the purpose of development of regional and local businesses or manufacturing industries.
  6. Oversee other purposes or duties as requested by the Rector, the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, or the Head of the DGSR.
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