Internal Research Advisory Committee
This committee will be made up of the deans of the Colleges of Engineering and Information Sciences; College of Business, and College of Arts & Sciences, the coordinators of the Community Design Research, the Information Technology Research, and General Research; faculty members experienced in research; and such other officials as determined by the Rector, the Vice-Rector of Academic Affairs, and the Head of the Deanship of Graduate Studies and Research. The Internal Research Advisory Committee will report to and provide advice to the Head of DGSR. The Supervisors of Scientific Research, Applied Research and General Research will be ex-officio members of the Internal Research Advisory Committee. This committee will meet at least four times a year. The duties of the Internal Advisory Committee will be to:
  1. Work with the Head of the DGSR, the Supervisors of Scientific and Applied Research, to develop a strategic plan of research and technology outreach for the PMU.
  2. Help identify appropriate areas of research and technology application appropriate for the faculty and facilities of the PMU.
  3. Provide appropriate interaction between the academic programs and the research opportunities, including capstone projects for seniors and related internships as appropriate to providing real life experiences for PMU students.
  4. Help in establishing appropriate policies and regulations regarding involvement of faculty in research, technology applications and services, and external technological consultations.
  5. Help develop appropriate policies regarding intellectual property (IP), including ownership, sharing of licenses, and royalty resulting from IP created by PMU, and other activities related to IP. The committee will also provide advice on development of strategies and policies to enhance technology transfer of any IP created by the PMU.
  6. Working closely with appropriate faculty and academic administrative staff, provide advice to help coordinate the use of laboratories and facilities required for both teaching and research applications.
  7. Oversee other purposes or duties as requested by the Rector, the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, or the Head of the DGSR.
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