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Mohammad Saud Al-Jameel
Mohammad Saud Al-Jameel
Passing Year
Mobile : +966 53 0589889, 54 751 1720

Office No :
I always believe that my Engineering degree is a first step toward my dream life. After graduation I worked for almost three years in a global Spanish company in the field of construction and machinery. I traveled to many countries in the purpose of business. I gained a lot of experience, skills, contact and resources. And during this period of time I was establishing my own business tell the time came to start feeling that my job effected my business to grow or expand. Then I decided to leave the Job and work for my self and now I’m managing four companies in field of construction, Trading, heavy machinery, and offshore services. and all the credit of what I’m doing now goes to my university Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University That they perfected my character to face all challenges in the in the business market.
  • Team Leader for the graduation project with Dr. Emad Tanbour

Project Engineer
Naizak Global Engineering Systems
Feb 2017 – Present

Filed Engineer
Mar 2014 – Dec 2016


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