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Ahmed Ibrahim Hassan Al-Hussaini
Ahmed Ibrahim Hassan Al-Hussaini
Bachelor Degree in Finance
Passing Year
Mobile : +966-531600002

Office No : +966-13-8257090
Since Graduation in 2011, my career bath started as a corporate banker. Corporate banking is an all-encompassing term for the services provided to companies - from large, to medium and small enterprises. We as corporate bankers facilitating bank products and increase the value of relationships and maintains a good reputation overall. Moreover, l learned that strong communication skills, thinking strategically, ability to articulate clearly to clients ability to assess risks, deep financial knowledge, are the key essential to success as a corporate banker.

On-Campus Achievements

  • PMU Student Council Member. (2006/2009)
  • Working as administrator assistant
  • PMU Student Council Vice President. (2009/2010)
  • Representing PMU on Education Technology exhibit 2008.
  • Representing  PMU  activities on campus and out campus

Student council at PMU: Working as administrator assistant for two years then I moved for one year as vice president.

Bader Al Hussaini & Sons Co: Also I worked many times summer training as an accountant.

Bank Albilad Internship Course: Working for 8 weeks as internship course as an Accountant, also I have rotated to all departments.

In Sep 2011 till March 2015 Bank AlBilad : I joined Bank Al Bilad team as a Relationship Manger in Corporate  Banking group department(SME, Commercial, Corporate) .

    Responsibilities include:
  • Conducting periodic business calls to review clients’ financial needs and opportunities for marketing bank services.
  • Carrying out comprehensive financial and non-financial analysis (Spread and analyze) on customers financial statements as part of a complete credit analysis report on new credit requests, and renewal of existing ones.
  • Presenting customers’ requests for extending or issuing new credit facilities with a comprehensive report to respective Committees.
  • Establishing cash and non-cash credit limits of the customer, and authorizing granting the facility, if within their limit, or submits recommendation for approval / disapproval with clear justification to respective Credit Committees.
  • Closely monitoring the performance of accounts within their portfolio to detect early signs of trouble in order to achieve higher level.

From April 2015 till present Al-Rajhi Bank:

    Responsibilities include:
  • Works to improve bank relationships with exist clients.
  • Facilitating bank products and increase the value of relationships and maintains a good reputation overall.
  • Seeks to use a scientific approach to gain greater control over the whole business.
  • Define, quantify and analyze, and executes the strategy to achieve team's loan growth, sales, credit quality.
  • Act and track all pending tasks such as, call reports, target figures, prospect details, exception reports etc. Also track the account due for review / renewals and act accordingly to ensure conformity.
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