PMU Theme of 2016
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Conflict Resoution

Every year PMU adopts a theme and encourages the University Faculty, Staff and Students to focus on it.

The 2016 University Theme:
Conflict Resolution
Globally Connected

The main objective for selecting theme is to engage the University Students in activities that enable them to resolve conflicts and realize the importance of being globally connected and acquire the skills they need to succeed in interconnected world.

Conflict Resolution

Conflict is normal, since people are not expected to agree on everything all the time. However, when conflict is mismanaged it can harm relationships and if handled in a respectful and positive way it can lead to better understanding and strengthen the bonds between people.
Therefore it is important that we help our students acquire the skills that would enable them handle conflict and resolve it successfully.
These skills are:

  1. Manage stress and relieve it so as to remain relaxed and focused in tense situations.
  2. Control emotions and behavior and nonverbal communication such as eye contact, facial expressions and tone of voice.
  3. Possess healthy responses to conflict such as recognizing and responding to important matters, a readiness to forgive and a belief that resolution can support the interest and needs of both parties.
  4. Be aware and respectful of differences.

Globally Connected

The real world is interconnected and interdependent. All countries and communities face the same challenges such as climate change, global economic problems and health epidemics etc. Also there is global collaboration in areas such as scientific research and trade.
Therefore, we should prepare our students to become globally connected so as to succeed in realizing their ambitions in an interconnected world.
They should possess skills such as:

  1. Respects all cultures and understands religious and ethnic customs that shape the opinions and actions of others from different backgrounds.
  2. Respects and recognizes global relationships, sees the link between global and local issues, and respects the importance of each.
  3. Learns from others’ ideas, knowledge and practices and accept change as inherent to a globalized world.