Sport Day at PMU
Sport Day at PMU
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Under the supervision of the Division of Student Affairs and with the support of the Department of Campus Life, the PMU Sportivity Day was successfully organized on the 30th of November 2016.
More than 30 sport and fun activities were offered to students by PE II students leaded and supervised by Dr. Jay Mcknight;
A booth was set by the PMU Health Care Department where Blood Pressure was monitored, Height and Weight were measured, Glucose was checked and Pulse Oximeter was read; after which, fresh juices and healthy cocktails were offered to the participants with the support of the Sport Center staff.

Fitness First team also took part in this activity by conducting strength exercises

The day was ended by a Smoke Free Run organized by the Running Club, where more than 100 students participated and many others volunteered to secure the route and offer water to the runners; the start of the run was given by Dean Omar Elmoussa and Mr. Iyad Bader.

The results of the Run are as follow:

Students Category:

  • First Place: Abdelkareem Al-Zahrani (12’:47”)
  • Second Place: Yazeed Al Harbi (15’04”)
  • Third Place: Rami Ahmed (15’39”)
  • Fourth Place: Abdullah Alzabadin
  • Fifth Place: Talha Tariq Daudpota

Faculty Staff Category:

  • First Place: Dr. Angus Llyod Hornigold (12’50”)
  • Second Place: Mr. Jamal Isaac (13’48”)
  • Third Place: Leonardo Arellano
  • Fourth Place: Dr Alaeldin Maghaireh
  • Fifth Place: Mr. Robert Lowman

An award ceremony will be organized soon to honor the winners

The Department of campus Life would like to thank all the Departments and clubs who actively supported this event, mainly:

  • The Department of Safety and Security
  • The Media Department
  • Dr. Jay Mcknight students who organized and sponsored most of the activities
  • PE Instructors: Dr. Jay Mcknight and Mr. Adams Wroblewski who encouraged their students to run and participate in this event
  • The students, Faculty and staff who participated in the Run
  • The volunteer Club
  • The Media Club