Guidelines for a successful exit from the Preparation Program
Guidelines for a Successful Exit from the Preparation Program
Item #Required StandardWhat If?Action to be Taken
1Internal Coursework Completed Satisfactory Completion of Coursework with 70% minimum Average at the Advanced Level
  • Communication
  • Writing
  • Speaking
  • Listening
Fails to achieve average minimum score
Fails to get 70% but gets close with a 68 0r 69%
Repeat the semester at the Advanced level but is permitted to take the Exit Test.
Borderline cases to be considered by a special committee selected by the Chairs and/or the Dean in consultation with Level Leaders.
2 Pass the Exit Exam
  • Writing minimum score of 20 on the PAEE (Preparatory Advanced Exit Exam)
  • Overall score of 60 on the PAEE
Achieves the required minimum scores
Pass internal Coursework but fail PAEE Exit Exam
Eligible to Proceed to CORE only if Items #3 is satisfactory.
3Pass both PAEE Exit and Internal Coursework Fail internal coursework (borderlines) but pass the Exit PAEE with a score of 70 or above and 20 minimum in writing
Fails internal coursework but passes Exit PAEE with a score in the 60’s
Pass both the Exit and Internal Coursework with minimum of 20 in writing.
Option to repeat the semester or
  • Take TOEFL/EILTS externally and achieve the minimum passing grade:
    • (TOEFL) of 20 for writing and 60 or above for the overall.
    • (EILTS ) 4.5 for writing; 5.0 for overall
  • If so, proceed to CORE) Proceed to CORE
  • Option to take external TOEFL/EILTS and get minimum of 20 in writing and 70+ overall.
  • If So: Proceed to CORE Proceed to CORE