Internship Requirements
Internship Requirements

Documentation and grading of the internship:

Documentation and grading of the internship learning experience may be done in a great variety of ways. The following are the various methods required from PMU interns in order to complete the internship course:

Six Log Books (10%):

students are required to enter a summary of their work and overall experience daily for the entire duration of their internship. It is recommended that students follow a regular format (See template). Commonly used format for writing the log book is as follow:
  • Date and Activity performed
  • Who I worked with today
  • What did I learn?
  • How did I move toward achieving my objective development of my skills? or what else did I learn that was helpful to my personal or professional development or

Three Progress reports (15%):

At regular intervals (every two weeks, students are required to provide the internship advisor with a progress report of their experiences and how they are moving toward the achievement of their objectives. Progress reports could include some of the following:
  • Product samples:

    if the student was engaged in an experience where a product of any kind was involved, a sample of that product is provided with a thorough explanation of the student’s involvement in the creation/development, etc., of that product.
  • Annotated Bibliography:

    Most of the time the employer will have professional periodicals or other resources where the student has access to them or it is part of their responsibilities to use. An annotated bibliography of these periodicals or other resources requires the student to give some critical evaluation to these documents.

One Final Report (65%):

All students are required to provide a scholarly written report of the achievement of their learning objectives. The format of the report will be outlined at the end of this guide.