Organizational Chart
Organizational Chart

Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University Organizational Chart Academic Year 2014-2015

Departments Reporting to the Rector:

  • Industrial and Business Relations
  • Business Development and Community Service
    • (Continuing Education)
    • Office of International Affairs
    • (Faculty Recruitment)
    • (International Relations)
    • (Special Projects)
  • Public Relations and Media
  • Financial Affairs
  • Human Resources
  • Auxiliary Services
  • Landscaping and New Projects
  • Engineering and Technical Affairs
  • Safety and Security
  • Registration and Enrollment
  • Student Affairs
  • Web Center

Colleges, Deanships and Departments Reporting to Vice Rector:

  • Preparation Program
  • Deanship of Core Curriculum
  • Learning Resource Center
  • Deanship of Research and Graduate Studies
  • Professional Development Center
  • Faculty Affairs
  • Information Technology
  • Deanship of Quality and Accreditation
  • Director, Non Academic Affairs(Female Campus)
  • Colleges

Governance Councils and Committees Chaired by the Rector:

  • University Council
  • Senior Management Group
  • Endowed Chairs Council
  • Quality Assurance and Accreditation Committee
  • Faculty and Staff Affairs Committee
  • University Policy Committee
  • College of Medicine Founding Committee
  • PMU Visibility and Ranking Committee
  • Continuing Education Committee

Committees and Councils Chaired by the Vice Rector:

  • Deans Council
  • Scientific Council
  • University Research Council
  • IT Governance Council
  • Female Campus Committee