Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University Professional Development Units Explained
Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University Professional Development Units Explained
The Professional Development Unit offers the provision of training and professional development for PMU Faculty as well as providing a broad range of activities that might suite the needs and interests of the faculty.


A Professional Development Unit is a measurement used in professional development to award credit for participation in a broad range of activities, including action research, staff development programs, curriculum design, faculty forums, workshops and seminars, etc. PDUs generated by such workshops, seminars and conferences are generally earned at the rate of one for each hour of participation. Such a workshop or seminar must be offered by a provider previously approved by the Professional Development Director.


The primary goal of earning Professional Development Units is to help each faculty member grow as an instructor or college professor and, in turn, improve student achievement in the courses taken. As one chooses professional development activities, think about how the professional development experiences can be used to positively affect learning.
PDU activities that are selected must address one of the following purposes:
  • To advance your knowledge and skills in your current area(s) of expertise.
  • To develop your knowledge and skills in areas determined to be critical for all PMU faculty.
  • To expand your knowledge and skills in an additional teaching field or toward the acquisition of a relevant education degree.
  • To update and/or reinforce relevant skills
  • To explore other areas of interest
  • To meet like-minded people to improve the quality and delivery of education
  • To gain a greater understanding of the history and culture of KSA and surrounding countries.

How To Earn PDUs.

Professional Development Units may be earned by any of the following activities.
  • Attending Forum meetings
  • Volunteer service to professional or community organizations
  • Participating on collaborative planning and professional improvement teams
  • Participating in decision-making teams or relevant committees related to department or content improvement plans
  • Mentoring or Peer Coaching as approved by Dean/Dept Chair/Assoc Chair
  • Completing graduate or post graduate credit (upon submission of grade report)
  • Completing modules from the Alison (or other) online training program. Many new courses are offered, so please check with the LRC director before starting a course so that the amount of credit can be determined.