Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University Professional Development Units Explained

“Other” Activities:

A faculty member may earn professional development units for activities not specifically mentioned in the PDU description. These “other” activities may be acceptable if the person involved keeps on file written evidence that:
  • describes the activity and its purpose, intensity, duration, and outcomes;
  • discusses how the activity is related to the improvement of your knowledge and skills;
  • identifies which activity mentioned earlier most closely resembles the claimed activity proposes a number of PDUs that is commensurate with the value assigned to the similar activity identified above.
It should be noted that the category “Other” may not be used to claim credit for activities that are only partially completed. PDUs are not earned through attendance at department organized meetings.

Certificates of Completion

PDUs may be earned throughout the academic year. At the end of each academic year, certificates will be awarded to faculty based on the following criteria: Bronze    30 PDUs
Silver   45 PDUs
Gold   60 PDUs

Reporting PDUs

Faculty will be required to report the number of PDUs earned on the annual selfassessment report that has to be completed and submitted each year. The official number of PDUs on record for each faculty member may be obtained from the office of the Professional Development Director.