Professional Expectations
Professional Expectations Of The Intern
  • To respect and maintain confidentiality with all sensitive information that may encounter during their internship
  • To arrange their own transportation both to and from the organization they are placed with for the entire duration of their internship
  • Should the intern fall subject to illness, they should inform both their on site and PMU advisor as promptly as possible. Any days missed will need to be made up toward the end of the internship
  • To conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times in all aspects of their working assignment. Specifically:
    • Students should be sensitive regarding the use of mobile phones during working hours for personal reasons. Priority and careful attention should be given to their work assignments during their internship
    • Use of organization telephone for personal calls should be avoided unless permission is given to do so
    • Students are expected to report to the organization all their expected working times and not leave until working day is complete
    • Students are expected to be punctual for all meetings and complete work assignments at the times specified by the organization
    • It is expected that the interns be flexible, polite and considerate in their professional attitude at all times and exercise the highest standards of customer service
    • Should an PMU student, whilst an intern with the organization they represent, engage in any unlawful or seriously offensive activity that could harm the reputation of PMU or the organization they represent, either party reserves the right to terminate their internship immediately
    • It is expected that the intern, upon completion of their internship, will return all property belonging to the organization