Student Handbook
Student Handbook
  • The student is expected to comply with the Code of Student Conduct and to respect the authority of PMU officials
  • The student is expected to be truthful in all his or her interactions at the university
  • The student is expected to respect the rights of others in the campus community
  • The student is expected to be responsible for his or her own education by attending class, respecting academic requirements and deadlines, meeting financial obligations to the university, and by completing assigned academic work in a satisfactory manner
  • The student is expected to dress in a manner consistent with the dress code adopted by the university
  • The student is responsible for knowing and following the academic rules and regulations of the university, including the requirements for graduation
  • Students will be issued a university Identification Card which should be carried at all times while on campus. This ID card is necessary for all financial transactions, entrance into secure student-only areas, and for borrowing books from the university library. Other university offices may also require the ID for use of materials and facilities

Academic Support and Assistance
Academic Advising

Academic advising is an essential element of the educational process. Therefore, PMU will require advisor-student conferences at least once per semester. Students are assigned academic advisors who help them in selecting their course of study and in planning their schedules. Advisors also approve students’ schedules each semester. However, students are responsible for selecting their courses, meeting course prerequisites, and adhering to university policies and procedures.
The advisor’s role is to assist the student in obtaining a well-balanced education and in interpreting university policies and procedures. Students may also consult faculty, department or program chairs, program coordinators, and deans.

Learning Enrichment Services

In addition to information services and resources traditionally associated with a campus library, the PMU Learning Resources Center provides learning enrichment services to ensure the student success in the university’s learning-centered approach to education.
  • Academic support services for both males and females
  • Collaboration among professional staff, faculty, and students to deliver tutoring and other academic support services
  • Non-credit classes that focus on mastery of learning skills
  • Specialized support centers in mathematics, reading, and writing
  • Peer tutoring to build learning skills, leadership skills, and teamwork
  • A diagnostic program to identify students’ needs for developing learning skills and to propose appropriate assistance