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About Us

To enhance the performance and productivity of Saudi Industrial Operations, ARAMCO and PMU have initiated the establishment of ARAMCO Endowed Chair of Global Supply Chain Management (GSCM), which focuses on serving the industry sectors in the field of supply chain management. The chair leads the Center of Excellence for Global Supply Chain Management (CEGSCM) at PMU campus. This center serves as the primary source of academic research and knowledge hub in GSCM for the Kingdom and the region. The center and the chair provide services to local industrial firms, such as consultation, certifications, training, research, publications and organize seminars, workshops and conferences in SCM themes. In general, the CEGSCM seeks to address the challenges faced by businesses and industries in Saudi Arabia.

The emergence of new technologies and rapid change in global market demand, companies are facing more challenges to find cost-effective ways to handle the complex logistics involved in delivering products from the source to marketplace efficiently. To tackle these challenges and improve supply chain efficiency, the CEGSCM can offer customized solutions to the complex problems faced by various industries. In addition, the center is active in interacting with local community to increase the awareness of SCM practices and provide innovative ways to increase productivity. Collaboration with student and faculties at PMU is a daily task to support the center in achieving its objectives. In this regard, continuous seminars are held at PMU to increase the exposure to SCM latest development, with regular invitation of international speakers in this field. Also, the center provides training for supply chain certification from Association of Operations Management (APICS) for employees working in supply chain areas.