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Executive Advisory Committee

The Executive Advisory Committee will have the oversight and leadership responsibilities for all activities of the CRD. It will help the Center to develop internal and external university partnerships; and will also support the development of additional advisory committees. Initially, this committee will consist of 10 members to be appointed by the PMU Founding Committee from among interested parties in the business community. Once the committee is appointed, its members will elect their chair. Additional committee members can be added later by the committee itself.
This committee should meet quarterly for the first two years of the Center’s creation. Since the role of the Advisory Committee is to advise university executives, the committee may eventually determine that fewer meetings will be necessary as soon as the Center begins its full-scale operation. Periodically, this committee will review:

  • Vision and mission of the Center
  • Focus of Center activities;
  • Economic development needs;
  • Future trends and changes seen in KSA;
  • Additional Advisory Committees needed for the Center; and
  • Overall effectiveness of Center committees and needs assessment methodologies.