Faculty Research Incentives

In addition to annual and summer faculty research grants, PMU will offer various packages of faculty research incentives to qualified faculties. Such packages will include group research stipend, published paper and book award, mentoring stipend, citation award etc. to encourage increasing the faculty research output. Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University will encourage and assist qualified faculty to participate in international conferences, seminars to increase their research output as well as to enhance the image and reputation of the university. Participation in international conferences is seen as a positive window and eye-opener for young and less known PMU faculty to be acquainted with global leaders in their field of research and will facilitate their chances of publishing in high impact journals in their field. New faculty will be encouraged to submit their research paper to international conferences and attend those conferences even during the first year of his/her service at PMU. An unconditional acceptance of an abstract for presentation of a paper is required to obtain PMU support for participation. The faculty must submit this abstract under the PMU affiliation. To facilitate faculty participation in international conferences for paper presentation, PMU will grant leave with pay, registration fees, and partial financial support to cover airfare, room and board.