The mission of Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University, PMU, includes advancing and sharing knowledge for the improvement of public welfare. Accordingly, faculty members have a responsibility to engage in scholarly or creative activity, including the conduct of research, in their areas of expertise. .
Scholarly and creative activity that includes, but not limited to, exploring, discovering, and creating new knowledge and possibilities for its application, is considered one of the three main areas of faculty achievement. The other two areas are teaching and service.

PMU encourages its faculty to advance, share and use knowledge while adhering to the highest standards of intellectual honesty.

PMU started its first academic year in September 2006. Faculty recruited at that time were mainly instructors engaged in teaching newly enrolled students in the Preparation Program. As the students advanced in their studies after joining their respective Colleges, the number of specialized faculty gradually increased. As a result of the increase in the number of specialized faculty in the different Colleges, research activity started on campus. By the year 2012 a number of researches were successfully accomplished and research papers were published in a number of international refereed journals.

This book is a compilation of research output of PMU faculty up to the year 2012. PMU will keep producing such books about the research out put of its faculty to fulfill one of its main objectives which is advancement and sharing of knowledge.

Dr. Issa H. Alansari