Funding Faculty Research

As a part of the PMU’s investment to promote faculty research activities, the Rector will be requested to grant an amount of seed money to initiate the faculty research. Upon approval by the Rector, the Center Head will invite grant applications in the form of a full research proposal (see Appendix I) from the PMU faculty. The complete application for internal research funding should be submitted to the Head of CRD through proper channel via the Department Chair, and the College Dean. The Faculty Research Committee, to be formed by the Head, consisting of member representatives from each Department under each College, will evaluate the grant applications and make recommendations to the Head. The Head will then meet with the FRC to finalize the list of PMU sponsored research awardees and will forward their names to the VRAA for final approval and notification to the recipients of such grant money. Each year, about 10 grants will be awarded (depending upon the availability of internal funds) using internal resources. While every PMU faculty is eligible to apply for internal seed money, preference will be given to young faculties to encourage their research activities. Senior faculties are encouraged to seek more external funding. Besides small year-long research grants, several summer research grants will be also awarded to the qualified PMU faculty every year.