Institutional Accreditation

PMU quest to achieve quality in every aspect of PMU is unstoppable. Since early stages of framing its existence, the university guiding principles and strategic plan emphasized commitment to achieve academic and institutional quality. Institutional effectiveness is in the heart of PMU daily practices to seek it in every activity. The tools of continuous quality improvement are continuously visited throughout the university daily operation. PMU governance and academic systems were built on North American higher education standards aligned with the most stringent accreditation requirements in the USA, namely, Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). PMU is indeed a proud Saudi university with global characteristics, standards and specifications. Curriculum and curriculum delivery are live processes and the university has come long ways in mastering the reviews and developments of its operation. In this Self-Study Report, PMU hopes to highlight the journey to brilliance and compliance with NCAAA standards for accreditation.” Issa Al Ansari, Ph.D.