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Welcome to the Deanship of Institutional Relations

Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University logo is “Making History—Building Leaders”. The Deanship of Institutional Relations plays a vital role in accomplishing this main objective of PMU. An understanding of a culture or region of the world other than one’s own is an important part of a modern education and a key to developing future leaders in an increasingly interdependent global society.

In today’s world, our success as individuals and as professionals depends in large part on how well we understand other people, nations, cultures, and languages. It is imperative, therefore, that higher education institutions around the globe offer more international experiences, both on and off campus. Universities must focus, as part of their mission, on providing the international education students need to live and compete in the 21st century. An important part of the process is to develop partnerships with other universities around the globe. Such partnerships can enrich and expand the teaching, research, and service missions of the university. It can provide students and faculty an opportunity to broaden their educational experience by studying and working with individuals and within countries whose culture is one other than their own.

PMU, which is built on the built on the North American higher education model, emphasizes global outreach opportunities through the Deanship of Institutional Relations, which is PMU’s gateway for regional and global outreach, tasked with the mission of establishing institutional affiliations that can provide study abroad, university exchange programs, and services for students, faculty and the community in collaboration with international partners.

The Deanship aims to be a dedicated exchange channel for individuals and organizations, within and beyond PMU wherein partnerships can be established in order to promote cultural understanding and foster and enhance education, research and development at, local, regional and global levels.

The Deanship has already embarked on highly prolific partnerships with well-known industrial and academic organizations and is keen to invite others to work with PMU for their and our common goals and aspirations.
I invite you to explore PMU website to learn about our university vision and mission.

Mrs. Rania Sinno

Director of Institutional Relations and Special Projects