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Intellectual Property

Primary Strategy

PMU’s research mission will be strongly focused on outreach to the industrial and private sector interests of the region. Research activities will be largely sponsored and funded through partnerships with the regional and national private sector. Primary emphasis will be given to contracted work to solve industry problems in both short and long term basis. The university, therefore, must develop a marketing strategy that communicates effectively to the business community how the PMU differentiates itself from other public and private academic institutions within the region in providing technological service and continuing education.

Certification and Training Programs

One way to accomplish this will be through certification and training programs that provide accreditation based on international standards to local and regional industry. Such standards include ISO 9000 and QS 9000 quality standards for industry. Other accreditations and training will depend on the expertise and evolution of the engineering and technology staff working the in the Applied Research Division of CRD.

Developing Partnerships with Industry

The Applied Research Centers will develop partnerships with local and regional business and industry interests that are based on the linkages and networking developed in the region. Such partnerships will require strategic planning and will rely heavily on the advice provided by the external advisory committee. They will be heavily weighted toward the private sector of the region. These partnerships will have as basic tenets the following characteristics:

  • Linkages based on mutual needs
  • Strategic interests for both parties
  • Opportunities for sustainable growth and development

Creating A “One-Stop-Shop” for Manufacturing and Industrial Services

Partnerships will help regional manufacturers and PMU by providing expert help that small and mid-size manufacturers otherwise could not obtain, and by providing university students with valuable hands-on experience. PMU will aggressively expands its manufacturing service capabilities by creating partnerships in areas such as training, financing, international trade, and environmental and information systems in order to complement core technical support services to be created.
The goal of the Applied Research Center(s) will be to create a "one-stop-shop" for manufacturers seeking to become more productive and competitive. (Additional information on industrial outreach strategies and examples can be found at the Texas Manufacturing Assistance Centers website: http://www.tmac.org/).