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The objectives of CEGSCM in line with Saudi ARAMCO Endowed Chair in Global Supply Chain Management are listed below.

  1. To identify the relevant business challenges associated with the existing local supply chains, through interviews with representatives from the local industry conducted by the University and through literature review. Some of the identified SCM areas in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) are as follows:
  2. 1.1    Maintenance/Repairs/Operations (MRO) Supply Chain.
    1.2    Contracting Services Procurement.
    1.3    Strategic Sourcing.
    1.4    Category Management.
    1.5    Inventory Management & Warehousing.
    1.6    Supplier Relationship Management (SRM).
    1.7    Customer Relationship Management (CRM).
    1.8    GSCM Systems.
    1.9    Global & Domestic Logistics.
    1.10  Project Management.
    1.11  Cost estimating & analysis.
    1.12  Forecasting.
    1.13  Quality Management.
    1.14  Benchmarking for best practices in GSCM.
    1.15  GSCM Leadership & Governance.

  3. To provide expertise and consulting in relevant areas of GSCM
  4. To research the existing body of knowledge in the area of maintenance/repairs/operations (MRO) and indirect materials in the GSCM in cooperation with international academia, professional societies and other pertinent sources.
  5. To assist the University in developing its GSCM academic curricula.
  6. To provide a platform for local universities and industry to disseminate and share knowledge in GSCM.
  7. To publish and edit a journal in the field of GSCM.
  8. To organize GSCM conference every two years.
  9. To organize and teach workshops, seminars, short courses, training programs in the field of GSCM.
  10. To support educational programs at the University in undergraduate, postgraduate, and professional certifications (ISM, APICS, CIPS and/or CILT).
  11. To establish a newsletter on quarterly basis aimed at disseminating new trends and knowledge.
  12. To mentor and support University’s college of business faculty in the publication of their work in world class journals.
  13. To provide guidance to Saudi industrial sectors engaged in GSCM.