The Prince Mohammad Bin University (PMU) aims to be an innovative international leader in providing research and higher education opportunities that will remove the barrier between academics and society. The Center for Research Development (CRD) at PMU will promote our existing theoretical, technological, and applied academic knowledge through research, education, outreach and other collaborative activities among members of academic, governmental, private, and community sectors in the Eastern Province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


The Center for Research Development (CRD) will promote and uphold academic excellence and high standards in action oriented scientific, applied, business, humanities   and social science research that would have significant implications on environmental, technological, social and economic development of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in general, and the Eastern Province, in particular. These will be achieved through the creation of a responsive organizational structure, committed leadership, and effective research programs involving faculty, graduate and undergraduate students who will contribute to resolve local, regional, national, and global issues. The Center will:

  • Advance intelligence and develop knowledge through research.
  • Link research and learning to the needs of the community.
  • Form close partnerships with internal and external constituents to advance and market all PMU generated solutions.

Research Objectives

The Center for Research Development (CRD) will be an institutional leader in the development and delivery of flexible research programs and services. It will focus on building public and institutional awareness and support for research. Programs will be developed that are consistent with the missions and strategic plans of the individual colleges and departments within the university. The core objective of the Center will be to explore innovative research methods and technologies to achieve the PMU’s goal to grow as a distinguished institution of higher education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It will plan and conduct academic scientific research projects with environmental, technological, social, energy, and economic specializations to meet the challenges and needs of the local and regional communities. This will be undertaken by maintaining effective participation and cooperation between the Center, the faculty and graduate and undergraduate students, and the local communities and business firms.
The Center will explore opportunities for securing internal and external funding resources to stimulate faculty research. It will solicit and process research grant applications from PMU faculty for both year-long and summer research projects to be used as Seed Money to obtain external research funding. The participating faculty will also write grants for external funding agencies to conduct applied research activities and provide technical consultation to create solutions for persistent problems in the local and regional communities. The Center will monitor faculty research activities to ensure successful completion of the PMU and externally funded research projects. The Center will also assist faculty to participate and organize local, regional, national and international seminars and conferences to enhance PMU prestige and visibility both inside and outside the Kingdom.  In addition to the above services to the faculty, the Center will:

  • Coordinate and support campus scientific research.
  • Develop on-campus consultation and marketing services to increase partnership with campus units and external organizations.
  • Foster technology transfer for regional and national economic and business development.
  • Provide applied real-life hands-on experiences through internships in business and industry for students in cooperation with academic colleges.
  • Provide technical services and support with industry and manufacturing businesses.