Research Staff

A professional staff person with the title Supervisor will oversee each of the three research components of the Center. Initially, the technical staffs required for each area will be drawn from the staff required for the academic laboratories and Departments that serve the university’s teaching mission. Selection of the appropriate professional staff, particularly at the Supervisor and Coordinator levels, will be critical. Persons selected as Supervisor of Scientific Research, Supervisor of Applied Research, and Supervisor for General Research should be experienced in engineering, natural and applied science, humanities and social science research, respectively, with strong industrial and/or private sector experience.

The need for scientific research staff will be met by the technical support identified in the various academic labs in the College of Engineering (mechanical, electrical and civil), in the College of Information Technology, and from among the faculty in Colleges of Business, and College of Arts and Sciences. In addition, the Community Design Research and the Information Technology Research groups will have their own professional coordinators and staff to support applied research activities within those areas. It is anticipated that at least one professional engineering coordinator and potentially one or two support staff personnel will be required to help General Research within the Business, Natural Sciences, Humanities, and Social Sciences areas.