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The Scientific Council

Purpose and Functions: The Scientific Council handles issues of research, promotions, publishing, and scientific collaborations.  The Council studies topics referred to it from the colleges or academic committees for consideration and final recommendation to the University Council.

The Council:

  1. Studies academic rules and regulations governing scientific research and promoting research quality and excellence in scientific performance.
  2. Seeks to forge scientific partnerships and collaborations.
  3. Institutionalizes academic processes and decisions to ensure faculty participation, as well as process integrity and transparency.

Membership & Representation: Members are nominated by the VPAA and appointed by the President on a yearly basis. Membership ensure equitable representation of colleges and academic units, of the different campuses.

Meetings: During each regular semester, the Council shall hold at least two formal documented meeting, in two different months. Recommendations from the Scientific Council are channeled to the University Council for final decisions.

Pathway for Recommendations and Decisions: The SC refers recommendations to the University Council. 

Chair:The Vice President for Academic Affairs