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The Scientific Council

A Scientific Council is established in the University to supervise the academic affairs related to faculty members and to oversee research and publishing activities of the university.


The Scientific Council has the authority to:
  • Recommend the appointment of faculty members in the colleges.
  • Recommend the promotion of faculty members in the colleges, according to the regulations pertaining to the status of Saudi faculty or other equivalent positions.
  • Recommend faculty exchange activities and academic assignments, and grant sabbatical leaves. The Council has also the authority to terminate faculty services according to the University regulations.
  • Suggest faculty promotion rules for the colleges.
  • Establish committees to test the academic output of the faculty members.
  • Assess the academic degree presented by Saudi faculty members.
  • Recommend the exchange of college lecturers and instructors.
  • Decide on the degree to be earned with exchange programs and determine the institution and the period of study. Individuals delegated on such programs are not entitled to change any of the terms without the approval of the Scientific Council.
  • Suggest the establishment of new units within the colleges.
  • Encourage scientific research, writing, translation and publishing:
    • Formulate rules that would encourage scientific research.
    • Suggest the establishment of scientific research centers.
    • Facilitate the coordination between the scientific research centers and prepare a general plan for these centers.
    • Organize the relations with external scientific research centers.
    • Determine and grant incentives and appreciation awards for scientific activities.
    • Publish research, scientific papers and writings.
    • Recommend scientific periodicals to be published.
    • Recommend scientific conferences and nominate the participating faculty members.
    • Recommend the establishment of scientific associations and coordinate this task according to the regulations governing such associations in Saudi universities (resolution 10/15/1420 of the Higher Education Council).
    • Approve textbooks and reviewed scientific papers.
  • Consider matters referred to it by the colleges.


The Scientific Council is called by its Chair to meet at least once a month. Meetings can otherwise be scheduled when needed, or as officially requested by two third of the members, or even upon the Rector’s request. The Rector chairs the meetings when he is present and is entitled to add any items on the agendas.


The Scientific Council consists of the following members:
  • The Vice Rector for academic affairs as a chairman, and if for any reason this was not possible, the position can be filled with a faculty member ranked at least as associate professor.
  • From each college, one faculty member ranked at least as associate professor. These members are nominated by the College Council, approved by the Rector and appointed with a decree from the University Council. If for any reason an associate member could not be appointed, other faculty members with the rank of assistant professors can be nominated.

Additional members (scientists and researchers) can be appointed with a decree from the University Council, but their number cannot exceed half of the total number of members. All members are appointed for a two-year, one-time renewable term. The Scientific Council is entitled to form permanent or temporary special committees that can include members in that council as well as non-members term.

Scientific Council for the Academic Year 2018/2019

Dr. Muhammed Saleh Al Mulhem, Vice Rector, Chair
Dr. Ali Chamkha, Convener Dr. Jose A. Ruiz-Escalante
Dr. Robert Manning Dr. Marius Nagy
Dr. Faramarz Djavanroodi