About Human Resource Management

This degree program provides appropriate professional preparation for students working toward careers in general business or administration. The Human Resource Management degree seeks to develop a well-rounded student who has a broad skill- set in all business disciplines.

This degree program provides professional preparation for students working toward careers in business and pursuing a Human Resource Management degree, students develop the skills and orientation of a well-rounded generalist with a broad base of business skills, knowledge and practical experience. In addition to the business core, students are required to take two additional courses in accounting, finance and MIS, Business Administration.

This approach ensures that the business administration student also develops competencies in other major areas beyond introductory courses. It further gives students opportunities to choose courses from a selection that represents areas in which business students should be competent. These are contemporary courses that define the current business environment, and are constantly updated. Furthermore, depending on the evolution of the business environment, these courses could be replaced by ones considered more relevant and up-to-date.