About LAW
The Bachelor of Arts in Law at PMU develops 143 credit hours. Based on and comparable to leading local, regional and international law programs, the proposed program is designed to be completed in four years. The classroom experience for students in the College of Arts and Sciences is highly student-centered, interactive, and communicative. Graduates from the College of Arts and Sciences majoring in law are self-directed, motivated, technically competent professionals with strong communication skills. The Bachelor of Arts in Law accepts successful male and female students from the PMU Preparation Year Program as well as through direct entry to the program.
The Law degree program has two components:
  • General education courses from the PMU Core Curriculum representing approximately 50% of the program.
  • Law courses in English and Arabic representing the other 50% of the program.

Distinctive Qualities

The Department of Law aspires to provide a solid legal program with a blend of theoretical and practical applications. The main goal is to empower law students with an awareness of the dynamic technological and sociological accelerated speed of change and an understanding the local, regional and international legal systems.