About Management Information Systems

The interdisciplinary field of MIS combines and blends theories and practice from business administration, technology and social science. The MIS curriculum at the PMU's College of Business exposes the student to a variety of courses including systems analysis and design, object-oriented programming, database design and administration, computer and information systems, management of telecommunications and networks, e-commerce and web design.  The MIS academic program consists of a specially designed curriculum that emphasizes conceptual, analytical, technical and interpersonal skills.

The mission of the MIS undergraduate program at PMU is to prepare professionals who can make the most effective use of Information Technology in the solution of business problems in today's global business environment. The learning process in MIS is driven by a high-quality of active learning, where students get foundation business knowledge, learn Information Systems essentials and develop problem solving methodologies which enable them to find effective solutions for business problems.

Our MIS graduates are extraordinarily well-prepared for work in information systems. At PMU, we expect our MIS graduates to have three areas of distinct competency: business knowledge, technical skills and interpersonal skills.