Adjustable Single Weight Lifting Machine

Project Overview

Bodybuilding sport is highly diffused between people in all ages starting from 16 years old; to play this sport and start building muscles heavy weights should be lifted. Bodybuilders don’t have the same power to lift the same weights; it depends on their strength, energy and experience. In order to give the trainer adjustable weights to make him or her choose the proper weight a lot of metal should be used in the training machine either for the weights them self or for the other components to hold the weights. These machines are so heavy, expensive, occupy a lot of space and are hard to be moved from a location to another. As a group of mechanical Engineering students we thought of a solution for this problem, The Single Weight Adjustable Weight Lifting Machine is the solution. Single Weight Adjustable Weight Lifting Machine is a machine that allows the trainer to lift between 5kg to 80kg by using one weight bar of 20kg only. The concept design of this machine was adopted from the idea of bicycle gears. Depending on the gears ratio the load on the user will change from lower to higher to make him or her feel the difference in the work they apply to train.

Project Objectives

  • Inventing a New Idea Replaces the Physical Weight Addition Method:

    The main objective of building an “Adjustable Weight Lifting Machine” is to find a new idea of changing the weight rather than the traditional one which we have in gyms nowadays. The system will be designed based on different gear ratio concept; the new mechanism enables the user to play with 1:4 ratios to increase or decrease the exercising weight.
  • Decrease the Cost of Manufacturing:

    For one individual machine it may not look feasible to use an adjustable lifting machine depends on gear ratio concept instead of applying different physical weights, however when we look at the idea from a mass production view, we notice that it will save a lot of money.
  • Lightweight machines which can be carried everywhere:

    Machines which we see in gyms around the world are difficult to be moved from one place to another because of the weights attached with the set. Even if we dismantle the exercise machine, we will need to put extra efforts to carry the weights separately; which will take more time. However the new system will be much lighter and easy to carry everywhere.
  • Avoid injuries which may occur while changing the weight:

    Using this concept will decrease the chance of hand injuries which may be caused by the frequent applying of the machine weight. In the traditional method, the trainee needs to change the weight pin in each set which is very close to the arrayed weights; the trainee finger may get stuck in between the weights, or any other people who is nearby the lifted weights. However in the new approach everything will be covered and away from any touch which causes injuries.
  • Decrease the Space Used for Gym Equipment:

    Weightlifting equipment occupies most spaces in gym centers, which is a disadvantage especially to small space places. This project aims to build a smaller machine, with high performance. So we can save more space to be utilized in other things.


Final Report

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