Air Fueling System for Pneumatic Powered Bicycle

Project Overview

Compressed air engines are getting popularity to replicate the conventional internal combustion engines. Researches are being made to use these engines for motorbikes at commercial level. The ultimate goal is to have green environment. The objective of the current project is to design a pedal operated air fueling system for compressed air engine for pneumatic powered bicycles. The project mainly involves selection of compressor, safety valves, pneumatic hoses and air regulators. Modification in chain sprocket to run compressor through pedal and proper installation of parts on an existing pneumatic powered bicycle are also demanding tasks of the project. Materials and sizes for various parts should be efficiently selected so that overall weight of bicycle remain in reasonable range. This project requires many skills and back ground of engineering sciences such as “Materials, Mechanical Engineering Design, Manufacturing, HVAC, CAD, Fluid, Turbo Machinery and Engineering Economy”.

Project Objectives

The following are the objectives for the project:
  • To design a pneumatic powered engine for a bicycle.
  • To attach a compressor to fill the cylinder during riding.
  • To use renewable energy to operate the compressor.
  • Designed to achieve a boost when operated.