An Intelligent Traffic Signal Control System
The project is designed to develop an intelligent traffic signal control system based on traffic congestion level. The traffic signal timing modifies spontaneously on detecting the traffic density at the intersection. Traffic congestion is considered to be a critical problem in many major cities across the world and it has become a nightmare for the drivers in these metropolises. Standard traffic light system is based on fixed time which cannot be changed as per varying traffic density. Sometimes higher traffic density at one side of the intersection requires longer green time as compared to standard assigned time. The proposed control system using a microcontroller of PIC16F8 series accordingly interfaced with sensors to vary the junction timing automatically to accommodate congestion, avoiding unnecessary waiting time at the intersection. The sensors used in this project are IR and photodiodes and used in line of sight alignment across the loads to detect the density at the traffic signal. The density of the traffic is measured in three zones; low, medium, high based on which timings are assigned.