Android Game for Amblyopia Treatment
This project provides a designing and development of an Android game, using Android Studio IDE. Relying on our previous knowledge on Java language, the aim of this game is to help to treat amblyopia or "lazy eye" (Silvia, 2016). According to statistics, around 2-3% of the entire world population suffers from amblyopia, which is equivalent to 10 million people under the age of 8 (Johnston, 2018). In Saudi Arabia, the prevalence of amblyopia in the most of clinical studies is 9.5%, while its prevalence in population studies is estimated to be 1.6-3.6% (Angelo, 2017). Amblyopia is a complex symptomatic complex of sensory and motor functional disorders, while its main manifestation includes disorders of central and peripheral vision, light and color perception, contrast, electrical sensitivity and liability, and accommodative ability. The most common treatment is to wear a patch over the strongest eye for weeks or months, forcing the lazier eye to do more work. Moreover, wearing eye patch or using atropine eye drops may not be acceptable. Therefore, in the treatment of amblyopia, there is a need to actively influence the nature of eye movements, consistent with the sensory system. The developed game can treat patients with amblyopia, because it requires information to be sent to both eyes, making them work cooperatively.

Project Objectives

  • Analyze the main causes and premises of amblyopia.​
  • Assess the methods and techniques that contribute to the effective tratment of amblyopia.​
  • Define the main results of using the computer game as a treatment of amblyopia.​
  • Provide advantages of the computer game in the treatment of amblyopia.
  • Record users scores on the game.
  • Analyze users records to provide an adequate assessment of the game.