Each program in the College of Computer Engineering and Science (CCES) will conduct an assessment process that produces documented results. This process will demonstrate that the outcomes important to the mission of the college and the objectives of the program are being accomplished. The evidence of the assessment will consist of the following:

Student Portfolios: students will keep a portfolio of their tests, reports, and other course assignments. The portfolio will be evaluated at various stages in the course.

Alumni Surveys: The College will survey a sample of alumni every two years. Information provided by these alumni can be used in evaluating the academic environment of the College of Computer Engineering and Science. The survey contains questions about current employment of alumni, the extent to which that employment is related to the education they received at PMU, their plans for further education, and their satisfaction with PMU.

Employer Surveys: The College will survey employers of PMU Computer Engineering and Science graduates to determine how the graduates are performing at work place.

Student Surveys and Exit Interviews: The College will survey graduating students gather information about students’ experience while attending PMU-CCES, what they benefited from, missing items from curricula, and what could be improved to elevate the experience of the next generation of students who attend PMU-CCES.Placement Data of Graduates: The College will maintain placement data of all students in order to provide the College with information that can be used to evaluate the strength of the job market.

Metric Norms for Learner Outcomes: The College will assess the outcomes for each course by establishing metric norms that students should meet on their examinations and in their reports.